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Novaclinical Technologies

Leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and gynecology, Novaclinical is the business unit of Novavision Group which designs and produces latest generation medical devices. The collaboration and constant research with the universities allow Novaclinical to play an important role in the reference market.

The specialized personnel in the company follows all the phases of the device processing; from research to development, through design and production, with the collaboration of an ethics committee composed of doctors, engineers and technicians who dedicate themselves every day to the study and realization of new high-performance technological equipment and to a constant improvement of existing technologies .

To maximize the effectiveness of treatments on end customers, Novaclinical offers a real training course that is an added value for the company, now strong with a national and international medical and scientific recognition.


Novavision Group SpA is a 100% Italian company in which all the style, design and taste for beauty that have made our country famous all over the world blend harmoniously with the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies.

Soon, thanks to the attention paid to Peralda’s technological innovation, Boffi Audio Rack has become a benchmark in the market and is successfully involved in the creation of high definition video projectors, contributing to the creation of the first plasma screens for the its subsidiary Vidikron, awarded with seven awards in America, France and the Far East.

In the late 1990s, the company sold Vidikron by creating the Display Business Unit and the Wellness-Beauty Unit (now Retail and Contract and Medical Aesthetic respectively), which laid the foundations for its current identity. The research activity, carried out in collaboration with the University of Pavia and the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia, adds the right prestige to Novavision Group which is recognized as one of the leading companies in its sector.

Established in 1986 thanks to the ideas of Flavio Peralda to respond concretely to the needs of its division’s clients, Novavision Group began to take its first steps starting from the Boffi Audio Rack division – created within Boffi Cucine – dedicated to the design and production of diff acoustic users on behalf of major Japanese and American multinationals.



PERSONALIZED BODY SCULPTING TECHNOLOGY that can shape and tone up the body in a relaxing way, using controlled supertraining.Controlled supertraining M Shape™ simulates an intensive training on your body, four times more intensive than traditional trainings.By means of multiples multiple energies and sinusoidal waves, the device executes a targeted action on the concerned muscles, with no risk of overtraining.

The treatment is non-invasive and painless.ZERO DOWNTIME RAPID AND LASTING RESULTS

Up to 300.000 contractions /session DYNAMIC QUADRIPOLAR MULTIPLE ENERGYDynamic Quadripolar Multiple Energy is the new technology developed by Novavision laboratories combining different types of energy, thus providing an all-in-one solution for muscle toning and total body reshaping.Zero Downtime Harmonious, physiological contractions guarantee that myofibrillas will suffer no microtraumas.

100% Made in Italy means Italian design, Italian materials, Italian data sheets and the guarantee of using the highest quality products. Everything you need – from consumables to spare parts – will be shipped directly from our laboratories, which means immediate and effective support.


EVA - The painless therapy for female intimate health

VDR TECHNOLOGY VAGINAL DYNAMIC RADIOFREQUENCY: EFFECTIVE, NON-ABLATIVE SOLUTION FOR THE MOST COMMON VULVOVAGINAL DISEASES.The Eva device. Safe, state-of-the-art platform at the service of female intimate health.Presenting Eva™ as a simple device would be demeaning as we are talking about an actual platform: multiple protocols, various technologies, safety systems for an effective treatment that is safe for both patients and the very operator.

What makes this device truly special is definitely its dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency (DQRF™ ), a technology developed at Novaclinical laboratories which evolved into Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency (VDR™ ) in EVA, to offer an alternative, non-ablative treatment for most vulvovaginal disorders and diseases. Exploiting dynamic quadripolar technology means reaching even the deepest tissues, focusing energy on specific tissue layers and achieving visible results already in the medium and short term.

EVA, THE DEVICE FOR FEMALE INTIMATE HEALTH Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, Eva is certainly one of Novaclinical’s leading products. Featuring minimal, elegant design, the device easily complements the premises where it is installed.Embedding simple, intuitive software, Eva will physically support the operator throughout the treatment. In line with the ongoing evolution of the IoMT world, it will allow you to have an always up-to-date device.The device is equipped with a special shielded cable designed by our R&D team, which ensures the operator works in full safety throughout the treatment.


Anika - The state-of-the art device for a safe, precise administration of oxygenation.

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE THE NATURAL PROPERTIES OF OXYGENATION. Carboxytherapy enters into a total-body phase thanks to the continuous research carried out in our laboratories.

Carboxytherapy, first introduced in the early decades of the 20th century, has become a state-of-the-art treatment thanks to the team of researchers at Novaclinical laboratories, who have been able to devise new protocols that have turned it into a total-body therapy: effective for face and body, including vulvo-vaginal applications. What makes the device so versatile is the CCFTM CO2 Control Flow – a technology that regulates gas emissions (from 5 to 600 cc/min) constantly and precisely for clinical applications in various fields: from dermatology to gynaecology, to plastic and cosmetic surgery. AnikaTM is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly software, with constantly updated protocols resulting from the work of our scientific board, so that the doctor can focus on the patient alone.

The precise and safe oxygenation dispenser. The new Novaclinical device is the result of work done in our Italian laboratories in all respects.With its careful design, it results from the synergy of several teams working together: R&D for the technologies backing the treatment for a safe, effective insufflation of CO2; the software programming, for an easy, intuitive user experience; the design of the case – minimal and elegant – conceived to contain the CO2 bottle in total safety.


Dafne - Regenerative technology for vulvo-vaginal treatments.

COMPLEMENTARY TECHNOLOGY COMPLEMENTARE TO THE MOST COMMON TREATMENTS VULVO- VAGINAL. It enhances the body’s natural response to the most common vulvo-vaginal problems. A perfect synergy between photo-biostimulation (LED), electrostimulation and electro-biostimulation (microcurrents) makes DafneTM an essential tool for the post-laser treatment of the female pelvic area.

The athermal energy of photo-biostimulation increases the cells’ metabolic activity, microcurrents enhance collagen production and the healing of post-laser scars, while functional electric stimulation produces reflected mechanisms for the reorganisation of neurophysiological processes.The simultaneous presence of these three technologies in the same device makes Dafne a complete device, including for mono-device therapies, by acting actively against infections, and for post-partum and post-surgery rehabilitation therapies.

Dafne is an all-round device whose various technologies can be easily adapted to different intimate health conditions. Designed and produced in Italian laboratories in the form of a self-standing machine, it is easily used thanks to inbuilt, intuitive software that coordinates the various emissions while respecting the treatments provided by the system. A screened cable connects the body of the machine to the handle – a vaginal probe using LED technology at three different wavelengths (red, infrared, blue) and four gold-plated rings for an all-round action.


4Plus - Non-invasive technology for face and body beauty

THE POWER OF 4 IN YOUR HANDS The device has four main features, which are reflected in its very name.Four (and its multiples) emitters/receivers make 4Plus truly revolutionary, four technologies make its treatments really effective: from DQRF™ to the RSS™ safety system, from IoMT™ through to radioporation.


RSS RADIOFREQUENCY SAFETY SYSTEM RSS™ is the safety system that makes 4 Plus treatments safe for both the patient and the operator. The Radiofrequency Safety System combines the assisting action of a movement sensor together with that of temperature detectors, both featured together in the same hand-piece.


DPL 100 - The performance of three lasers in one device

A BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY: THE MODULATED LIGHT EMISSION IFL (Incoherent Fast Light) is a revolutionary new technology exclusively property of Novavision Group, that allows to take advantage of the characteristics of incoherent light. In fact, thanks to the new source of light – developed by the R&D Dept of Novavision Group together with an American manufacturer of light sources – it is possible to modulate the light spectrum to concentrate the emission of energy on particular wavelengths, specific for the treatment. Wavelengths allow the energy to reach efficiently and accurately the target chromophore for any specific treatment, without wasting energy on other chromophores, thus improving the treatment effectiveness.


Bodyka Plus - The non-invasive high-tech alternative to surgical liposuction

A WINNING SYNERGY BODYKA™ PLUS is the non-invasive high-tech alternative to surgical liposuction, to effectively and specifically treat localized fat and cellulite.BODYKA™ PLUS is based on low-frequency ultrasounds (sonication), combined with sonophoresis and connective tissue massage procedures.BODYKA™ PLUS has been developed to combine the SONICPHOR™ TECHNOLOGY with an exclusive technique for treating the connective subcutaneous tissue by performing a controlled endodermic massage.

The SONICPHOR™ technology, developed by NOVAVISION GROUP, is an innovative technology which guarantees a safe and effective lipolysis treatment for localized fat deposits and cellulite.The SCP™, Sonication Controlled Program technology combines hardware and software functions, to make the SONICPHOR™– based treatments safe.The connective tissue massage system stimulates the skin mechanically thanks to rhythmic suction-and-release actions.


Bodyka - The NON-INVASIVE alternative to LIPOSUCTION

BODIKA™ is a biotechnological device designed specifically to effectively, comfortably and with complete safely, treat the most occurring beauty obstacles that may present themselves in our body: localized fat and edematous fibrosclerotic cellulite (E.F.S.P.).BODYKA™ uses the synergy of 3 actions: 1. sonication 2. sonophoresis 3. sonoporation• SONICATION: acoustic ultrasonic waves cause the lysis – or breakage – of the adipocyte membranes. This is just the beginning… these frequencies enables to also benefit from the following reactions:

• SONOPHORESIS: the micro-vibrations caused by the acoustic ultrasonic waves in the skin tissue, exponentially increase the absorption of topical substances by the dermis and epidermis.• SONOPORATION: The burst of gas filled microbubbles formed by the ultrasonic waves, cause the surrounding cells to receive the impact, that in turn affects their permeability thus, facilitating the penetration (entrance, arrival) of active principles.

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